Your backyard is a special place to create memories with your family and friends – and while many of us are more concerned with securing the inside of our homes – it’s also vital to secure the outside. Securing your backyard not only helps prevent hazards from harming you and your family, it also protects your outdoor furniture and other belongings from both property theft and harsh weather conditions. These are 5 simple ways to secure your backyard.

1 – Lock Your Shed

It can be common for many homeowners to add a shed to their backyard for increased storage space however, if there isn’t a lock it can be a very easy target for potential burglars. Be sure to use a heavy-duty padlock to protect your possessions inside. Locking up your shed can prevent any unwanted visitors from breaking in and helping themselves to your expensive garden tools, bicycles and other precious belongings.

2 – Keep A Light On

The best way to secure your backyard is to ensure that your perimeter is well lit. Keeping a light on or installing motion-sensor floodlights can deter any potential criminals and make your home safer for you and your family. If you have a large backyard, be sure to install a number of lights around the perimeter to make sure any blind spots are taken away and that you’re provided with complete coverage.

Motion sensor lighting is particularly useful in heavy foliage where lights get activated and remain on for up to 20-30 seconds. Motion sensor lights use body heat and wavelengths to sense movement, so when a burglar activates them it can be an excellent deterrent that ensures they never come back. Motion sensor lighting is best installed along sidewalks leading up to entrance doors, as well as stairways, patio areas, decks, parking areas and garages. Be sure to install any lights facing away from your home to illuminate your backyard rather than what’s inside your house.

3 – Promote Your Home Alarm System

A home alarm system can be the best way to secure your home however, it may not be possible to install one in your backyard. If this is the case, be sure to put signage and stickers up to deter any potential burglars that know your home is secured with an alarm system. Always be sure to include signage or stickers on any fences or windows with the name of your security company.

Alternatively, you can also put up a homemade sign stating that a camera is watching them. Another useful way of promoting your home alarm system, is to ensure that your cameras aren’t hidden. Make them as visible as possible to anyone loitering around your property, while walkways, doorways and sheds are excellent places to install outdoor cameras. Deterrents such as posting neighbourhood watch signs – even if you don’t have an official group set up – can also help prevent burglaries and thefts from happening.

4 – Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are your best bet when it comes to protecting your outdoor possessions from theft. Installing outdoor security cameras not only allows you to monitor your property but also catches any thieves on camera for you to report them to the authorities if a crime is committed. Added benefits of having outdoor security cameras is that reliable home security systems can even add value to your home while keeping you and your family safe. Following on from our previous tip, be sure to always make sure your outdoor security cameras are visible for everyone to see. Studies have shown that many burglars avoid homes that are equipped with highly visible, high-tech security equipment.

Securing the outside of your property is just as important as securing the inside when it comes to home security. By securing your backyard, you can rest easy knowing that everyone is safe and that every inch of your property is under reliable security measures.