Each year, 4.3% of Australian households fall victim to an attempted or successful burglary, equating to over 400,000 annual break-in events. Alarmingly, 11.8% of those see the perpetrator confront the homeowner.

Break-ins occur far more frequently than most people think and can result in significant financial loss, and psychological – or sometimes, physical – trauma.

To protect you and your household, here are six proven burglary deterrents to adopt.

1. Alarms

A time-old favourite, the cost-effective yet reliable burglar alarm has been warding off intruders for decades – and it still serves as a crucial line of defence in the modern age. Upon detecting an unwelcome presence in the home, an alarm triggers an ear-piercing sound that forces the would-be burglar to flee.

The best home security systems in Australia automatically alert the homeowner (and perhaps even the police) upon detecting an intruder.

2. Cameras

Studies show cameras are the most effective burglar deterrent of them all. When placed in an easy-to-spot section of the exterior, around 60% of would-be burglars will move on to a softer target.

In addition, robbers who decide to proceed will be caught on camera and these modern systems boast crystal clear resolution to make identification easy. This invaluable evidence helps police track down the perpetrator and increases the likelihood of recovering your possessions.

3. Video Intercom Systems

Although primarily intended for householders to communicate with incoming guests, a video intercom system also serves as a powerful home protection device.

As the easiest point of entry, virtually every robber will try the front door first. And as we’ve seen, upon sighting the camera connected to your intercom system, the majority will move on – after all, they don’t know it’s not actually recording.

Most burglars will also buzz the doorbell before attempting entry; it’s a common trick to gauge whether anybody’s home. Intercom systems can automatically capture an image at each door press, which provides evidence in the event of a break-in.

Furthermore, a video intercom system can send real-time footage to the homeowner, giving them the chance to scare the suspect off via the two-way audio feature. This function operates remotely – providing homeowners with the ultimate in ease of use and convenience.

4. Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars tend to lurk under the cover of darkness, so it’s in your best interests to light up the exterior of your home. However, it wouldn’t be cost-effective nor aesthetically pleasing to run a floodlight throughout the night.

A motion sensor floodlight security camera offers the ideal solution, automatically engaging every time it detects movement in the vicinity. That way, you can protect common entry points using glaring halogen-powered lights and live view and playback footage on your phone.

5. Neighbours

Building a friendly relationship with the folks next door can bolster your home security, especially when you’ve gone away on holiday. Allied neighbours can keep an eye on your property and report to you (or the police) if they spot suspicious activity.

By familiarising them with the householders, your neighbours will know who should be hanging around and who shouldn’t. You could even convince them to collect your mail while you’re away – simply ensure that you do the same for them in return.

6. Dogs

Research suggests burglars seek the most uncomplicated targets possible. A loud barking dog will create enough of a ruckus to alert the homeowners – or the neighbours – of their presence, prompting them to carry out their crimes elsewhere.

Although big burly breeds like German Shepherds intimidate intruders, small dogs work almost as well. Chihuahuas and Poodles cause enough commotion to scare robbers away.

Protecting Your Property

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