6 Tips on Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

It’s never too early to teach kids about home security. Besides, reviewing home security systems and smoke alarm basics can be a great way to refresh your memory so that the whole family stays safe. Here are six tips for teaching youngsters about alarms, home systems, detectors, and more.

  1. Prepare for Fire Emergencies

Kids often learn about fire safety in school but it’s still up to parents to implement those strategies at home. You can start by showing your children where the smoke alarm is in each room and what to do if it goes off. Most of the time, the smoke alarm will stay quiet or it might go off if someone burns some food. However, the entire family should have an evacuation plan in case the alarm signals a true emergency. This includes at least two ways to exit the house and techniques such as dropping to the floor and using their clothing or hands to cover their mouth. Map out a meeting place away from the house where everyone can meet up after evacuating.

It’s also important to teach kids fire prevention. Keep young kids away from matches and cooking appliances. If they’re old enough, go over how to use a fire extinguisher. Review with them how to call the fire department as well.

  1. Stranger Danger

Inform your children why they shouldn’t open the door for people they don’t know. Instruct them to get an older sibling or adult or, if they’re home alone, to keep the door locked. If your home has a wireless alarm system, make sure that your children know how to use it. Maybe keep the password written down and stored in a place that they’ll remember.

  1. Explain Home Security Systems

If your property has a security alarm or cameras, be sure to explain to your child how these devices work. You will want to go over things such as what can set off the alarm as well as how to turn it off. Again, let them know the password and keep a written record of the password somewhere they can find it. It’s crucial that you let younger kids know that these systems are not toys and are for everyone’s safety.

  1. Phone Safety

The prevalence of the Internet and its role in all of our lives is a safety concern in itself. Not only can online predators find out your children’s names over the Internet, but they could also track their location. Let your kids know that they can’t post personal information such as names and addresses on the Internet. Show them how to block phone numbers from harassers or people they don’t know.

For kids who have their own phones, consider a wireless alarm system app that everyone in the family can download. These types of apps can let you know where your kids are located at and you can send messages back and forth to update each other on your whereabouts. Due to the advancements in technology, you can very easily use some of these apps to engage or disengage home alarms while you’re on the go.

  1. Remind Them to Lock up

Whether your kids are staying home alone or they’re leaving the house to go see a friend, it is important to inform them that they should always lock the doors and windows. Practice going through a lock check with them, visiting each room to ensure that the doors and windows are closed and locked shut. It helps if all family members have a copy of the house key too.

  1. Specify What’s Off Limits

Younger kids especially love to play with things that they’re not supposed to touch. Be clear about what objects are off limits, such as lighters, matches, ovens, and stoves. Remind your kids of the tools that are available to them, such as home security apps or alarm systems, and make sure that they know how to operate them.

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