7 Tips on keeping your home safe while you are away

Like that line in the famous song, your bags are packed and you’re ready to go. But there’s always that lingering worry of leaving your home unguarded. You can never do too much to ensure that your home is kept safe during times when you have to be away. Unfortunately, we live in a time when taking precautions just isn’t something we can do without.

Whether you have to be away for a holiday, business trip, family emergency or anything else, the following tips will help you to keep your home safe while you are gone. Don’t let worry keep you from enjoying your vacation or distract you from what you should be doing. Here’s how you can have peace of mind and a safe and secure home:

Tip #1

Install a security alarm. Take advantage of readily available technology and install a CCTV security system and/or wireless alarm kit in your home that will keep intruders away. You can leave your house key and code with someone you trust and also give the contact number of that person to a trusted neighbour or the police.

Tip #2

Have someone housesit for you. If you have to be out of town for some time, it might be a good idea to have a housesitter. This way, you have someone to look after the house, keep it clean, keep intruders away, and generally keep it safe in your absence. It could be a relative, a close friend, or just someone whom you really trust and know is responsible enough.

Tip #3

Have someone constantly check in on the house. If you can’t find anyone who can stay in your house for the entirety of the time that you’ll be away, you can have someone regularly check in on your house instead. This ensures that your mail will be collected and you will also get regular updates on your house. If anything suspicious happens or if something needs to be done, you will have someone that you trust handling it.

Tip #4

Keep everything locked. Locks were invented for a reason and you’d do well to make use of them whenever you leave your house, even if it’s just for an hour or two. Keeping your doors unlocked makes your property a house burglary just waiting to happen. Always ensure doors (and windows!) are securely locked if you are going to be away for an extended period of time.

Tip #5

Hold your mail. Did you know that you can call your local post office and ask them to stop delivering mail to your house if you are going to be away? Uncollected mail is always a telltale sign of an empty house and could attract intruders. Alternatively, make sure you have a neighbour or friend swing by regularly to empty out your letterbox (refer to Tip #3 above).

Tip #6

Install light timers. Keeping your lights on or off the entire time you’re away is a sign that no one is at home. Invest in timers that can turn your lights on for a couple of hours at night to make it look like the house is occupied. It’s a simple thing to do that goes a long way towards keeping intruders away.

Tip #7

Don’t broadcast the fact that you’ll be away. This is especially relevant in today’s social media obsessed age. You might want to avoid shouting out to the world (or at least, to all of Facebook) that you’re not at home to look after your house. Save all the #travelgoals posts until after you’re back home. This way, you can minimise the risk of someone taking advantage of your absence.

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