Congratulations on your new home where great memories will be made. As with any new home, there’s a long checklist to tackle first before it can fully become your dream home. Top of the list is securing your home with the right security equipment.

If you are looking to install a wireless alarm system or another form of security, there are so many to choose from that it can be overwhelming. From securing your door to purchasing a video intercom system in Australia, here are eight simple ways to protect your new home.

To start securing your new home, read this article to learn how to:

Secure Entrances

Most burglars don’t use extensive tools or technology to break in. Instead, they break in through the doors or windows. Reinforcing these areas should be your first line of defence.

Firstly, change your locks so previous inhabitants cannot get in and you can also install extra security such as a deadbolt or window bars.

You can also lower the chances of accidentally letting a burglar in by installing an intercom system that lets you see who is at your door before you open it. Purchasing a video intercom system for extra security is a great way to secure your entrance.

Add Light

Bright lights often scare burglars away. Installing a security floodlight camera on your property can help in deterring intruders from breaking into your home. You can even select motion-activated lights or set them on a timer to give the impression that there are people home, even if you’re out.

Secure the Garage

While most robbers break in through the front door, the garage is another entry point most people do not think about. Be sure to always lock your garage door doors, and you can even invest in smart locks or window coverings to prevent prying eyes from spying on what’s inside.

Invest in a Home Security System

The best protection against thieves is a wireless alarm system. Security systems such as the Chuango G5W alert you to an emergency without requiring complicated wiring or installations. There are many types of alarm systems for you to choose from depending on your needs. Some connect directly to the police and alert them if there is an intruder.

Keep an Eye Out

A clear line of sight is another defence against intruders. Crime thrives in the shadows, so eliminate potential hiding places by keeping your lawn clear and trimming overgrown greenery.

For extra safeguard, consider installing security cameras in these common areas; front door, back & side doors, garage and driveway, backyard, common areas in the home (for eg. kitchen) or main hallway. Wireless home security cameras or video intercom system with a mobile app  are an effective defence against burglars, vandals, and package thieves. If a crime does occur, you will be able to provide camera footage to the relevant authorities.

Get a Safe

No matter your best efforts, break ins could still happen to the best of us. Ensure that you store or lock up your valuables in a safe. This could give us a false sense of security so do ensure your safe is not easy to be carried off. Ensure that your safe is either too heavy to be carried or professionally mounted to the floor or a beam so it can’t be removed without the right equipment. Robbers are usually petty thieves so this would be too cumbersome for them to attempt.

Secure Your Internet

In this time and age, violations of your safety are not limited to the physical sphere. Criminals can hack into your home Wi-Fi network to steal your data or exploit connections to smart gadgets in your home. Practice good cybersecurity by encrypting your Wi-Fi network and your data. You can also hide your home network so that it is not visible to strangers.

Ensure Your Home is a Smart One

Most intruders check out a home before entering to ensure that nobody is around. You can fool them using home automation systems that can mimic human activity by turning on lights or appliances. Home automation systems can also connect with security cameras and provide you with real-time alerts about suspicious activity, allowing you to respond quickly and thwart potential thieves.

You have plenty of options for securing your new home, whether you go for traditional security methods such as a deadbolt or more high-tech options that include security cameras and automation systems. If you’re searching for a trusted home security and smoke alarm provider, Home Safety Store offers quality products, great prices and excellent service. Get in touch with our team for any enquiries today!