A Comparison Between Panacom PAN810WK and Swann SWWHD-DP890C Wireless Video Intercom System

Safeguarding your household is of utmost importance. No matter how secure you think your home is, there is always a chance an intruder could trick a family member into opening the door and charge right in. Furthermore, burglars use doors as a quick and inconspicuous break-in point when you’re not home.

With that in mind, securing your doors is paramount. And the best way to do so is through a wireless video intercom system.

What Does a Wireless Video Intercom System Do?

These state of the art home security devices allow the householder to view live footage on a display screen from a camera positioned at the front door. By doing so, they can instantly determine if the person seeking entry is welcome, or not. An inbuilt two-way intercom system allows them to communicate with the visitor to better establish their identity.

Wireless video intercom systems don’t just provide security from home invasions; they protect the household against burglaries as well. Each camera is easily visible, which provides a strong deterrent to a would-be thief. Furthermore, pressing the doorbell – a common tactic by robbers to establish if anyone is home – automatically takes a photo which can be used as evidence.

Which Wireless Video Intercom System Should I Buy?

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the right product for you.

In this post, we’re going to compare the Panacom PAN810WK and the Swann SWWHD-DP890C, which are the two most popular systems in the AUD$300-$400 range.

Let’s check out the specs to see how they stack up.


Specs: Panacom PAN810WK


Swann SWWHD-DP890C


Display 7” (17.78 cm) colour LCD display


2.4” (6 cm) colour LCD display


Wi-Fi Range 100m maximum 25m maximum
Frequency 2.4Ghz Wireless Frequency


2.4Ghz Wireless Frequency


Night Vision Yes Yes
Battery Inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery

·       Monitor – maximum 8 hours on standby

·       Door – maximum 3 months


Rechargeable and single-use batteries

·       2x C batteries (not included) or mains charging for the doorbell camera

·       Rechargeable 3.7V 1100mAh lithium-ion Battery on the video receiver


Photo/Video Capture Video and photo capture on doorbell ring or manual request

·       SD slot to store data, up to 32GB (card not included)


Video and photo capture on doorbell ring or manual request

·       In-built memory capable of recording up to 100 photos at a time


Expandable Expandable up to four cameras


Expandable up to four cameras


Split Screen Simultaneous split screen monitoring for up to 4 cameras


No simultaneous split screen monitoring


Weatherproof rating IP45 weatherproof rated camera IP55 weatherproof rated camera
Viewing angle 90-degree viewing angle


70-degree viewing angle


Resolution 480TVL resolution


VGA 320 x 240 resolution


Price AUD$389.00 AUD$349.95



Both units cost almost exactly the same, so the price isn’t a factor here. Note that each comes with the following basic components: the doorbell camera, the monitor, and all the necessary charging cables.

With that in mind, the Panacom PAN810WK stands out for these five key reasons:

  1. Its significantly larger display and resolution create a crisper and clearer
  2. A wider viewing angle – 90 degrees 70 degrees – makes it easier to spot someone hiding off to the side.
  3. The extended WiFi range – 100m 25m – is invaluable for those who live on larger properties.
  4. The lithium-ion batteries in the camera can be charged rather than replaced.
  5. The householder can view up to four feeds simultaneously (purchasing extra cameras is required).

The only advantage of the Swann is that it doesn’t need an extra SD card ($15 on Amazon) and has a slightly higher weatherproof rating. Unless you plan on leaving the camera out in the open during a hurricane, its IP55 rating probably won’t make a difference. If you have any questions about the Panacom PAN810WK wireless video intercom, please email

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