Around 400,000 homes get robbed annually in Australia—that’s 4.3% of all Aussie households, which gives us the seventh-highest burglary rate in the world. If you haven’t experienced a break-in yet, the statistics show it’s only a matter of time.

However, by taking steps to safeguard your home, you can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to a property crime. And robberies aren’t the only danger to consider—it is crucial to safeguard your family from house fires as well.

This post provides a quick checklist of the top ten ways you can secure your home.

Are Your Doors and Windows Secure?

The overwhelming majority of break-ins occur through windows and doors. It is worth investing in extra measures to keep these popular entry points secure.

Custom-built burglar-proof doors are your best deterrent, as these reinforced steel screens are sturdy enough to stop a robber ramming through. The top models feature heavy-duty locks for added protection.

If you’re worried about your windows, consider installing security film. A technician can put a thin but firm layer of transparent reinforced film over existing windows, making them nigh-on impossible to shatter.

Are Your Valuables Visible From Outside?

Most robbers like to window shop, scoping out your property from the outside to determine whether it’s worth breaking in. If you leave valuables in sight—laptops, cash, and jewellery are common favourites—then a fence-sitting burglar might decide it is worth the risk.

Keep your valuables hidden from view, preferably in a key-code safe. For large items, such as an oversized flat-screen TV, it is easier just to shut the curtains instead.

Is Your Exterior Well Lit?

Smart burglars work under cover of darkness to reduce the risk of being spotted by nosy neighbours. One simple trick to deter midnight intruders is to purchase a powerful motion-sensor light.

Once installed, it won’t cost much to run as it only uses electricity when there is movement outside.

Have You Trimmed Your Hedges Lately?

Robbers love lurking behind plants, especially thick bushes and hedges along the exterior walls of your home. Keeping up to date with your landscaping will eliminate potential hidey-holes and discourage thieves from loitering on your lawn.

Be especially vigilant with overgrown shrubbery near your doors and windows.

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbours?

A close relationship with your neighbours adds an extra layer of security to your home. While you’re away—whether at work or on holidays—the people next door can keep a keen eye out for strangers, notifying you or the police if they spot someone suspicious.

Best of all: it’s free, although you will be expected to return the favour.

Do You Have A Security Camera?

Security cameras are the most potent burglary deterrent. Virtually all would-be robbers will simply pick a softer target upon spotting one in your yard. The newest security floodlight is a great deterrent as it will light up on motion detection and illuminate a large area.  You can even talk through the device, or activate a siren to scare away the intruder.  With an app on your phone, you can access the security camera from wherever you are.

Do You Have an Alarm System?

While the security camera will discourage a would-be burglar from entering, an alarm system will cause them to flee after they’ve broken in. The unit lets out an ear-piercing sound upon detecting an intruder, either through motion or a trigger connected to your doors and windows.

Does Your Smoke Alarm Work?

It is illegal to not have smoke alarms in Australia, so make sure you’ve got one for your own safety and to comply with the law.

But it is not enough to just have a smoke alarm—you need to be sure it actually works. Test your alarm frequently (once per month is ideal) and take note of when its functional lifespan is due to expire.

Do You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

House fires are not the only internal threat in your home. Carbon Monoxide (CO) proliferates through poorly maintained cooking or heating appliances. It is known as the silent killer because this odourless and colourless gas is both undetectable and fatal.

As the human senses can’t perceive it, the best solution is to install a CO detector.

Can You Monitor The Door Without Answering It?

Some home intruders will barge straight through the front door the moment you open it, so it is crucial you find a way to identify the person outside. While a stock-standard peephole works in a pinch, it is safer to buy a video intercom system.

These high-tech devices let you monitor and answer the door remotely from anywhere in the world, and most include a two-way audio function.

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