Understanding Photoelectric Smoke Alarms


Over 50 Australians die on average from residential fires each year, more than all natural hazards combined. The vast majority of those fatalities could have been prevented with a simple smoke alarm. Installing and maintaining an appropriate smoke alarm detector isn’t just a legal requirement; it could be a matter of life and death. But […]

A Complete Checklist For Home Safety & Security


Around 400,000 homes get robbed annually in Australia—that’s 4.3% of all Aussie households, which gives us the seventh-highest burglary rate in the world. If you haven’t experienced a break-in yet, the statistics show it’s only a matter of time. However, by taking steps to safeguard your home, you can reduce the likelihood of falling victim […]

5 DIY Ways To Make Your Home Smarter


If you’re looking for an affordable way to transform your property into a state-of-the-art smart home, we’ve got good news. While some home automation innovations are pricey and require a professional install, there are a growing number of cost-effective smart home solutions you can DIY. In this post, we’ll cover five easy DIY devices so […]

6 Effective Burglary Deterrents To Keep Your Home Safe


Each year, 4.3% of Australian households fall victim to an attempted or successful burglary, equating to over 400,000 annual break-in events. Alarmingly, 11.8% of those see the perpetrator confront the homeowner. Break-ins occur far more frequently than most people think and can result in significant financial loss, and psychological – or sometimes, physical – trauma. […]

How Home Safety and Security System Can Increase Your Property Value


Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Homeowners are constantly looking for easy, cost-effective changes or additions to increase their home’s retail value over time, especially if they have plans to sell in the future. There are plenty of changes you can make – from installing a new roof to upgrading […]

Home Safety Tips: 6 Things Burglars Don’t Want You To Know


For most homeowners, keeping their family and valuables safe from burglars is top of mind. Despite the 23% decrease in theft cases in 2019, homeowners should not be complacent and become careless with the safety and protection of their property. Burglary is an intrusive crime that not only results in the loss of valuables and […]

IntelLink vs. Ring: Which Security Floodlight Camera Should You Choose?


Whether you’re securing a commercial property or the family home, a floodlight camera should be your first line of defence. By lighting up a large area and recording a potential perpetrator in the act, these high-tech devices serve as the ultimate deterrent. Would-be thieves will simply move on to a more vulnerable target, leaving your […]

Top 7 Items You Need In Your First Aid Kit


Accidents are unavoidable – especially in a household with children. Be it a simple scraped knee, cut or the more serious injuries like burns, immediate treatment is recommended. Stocking up your first aid kit supplies with some necessities would be ideal in preparing for any situation effectively. Here are 7 essential items you need in your […]

Apartment Security: 5 Safety Tips for Renters

Home security is important for everyone, not just homeowners on a landed property. Whether you are renting an apartment or staying at a bought property, home safety should be first and foremost in your mind. After all, break-ins and theft can happen anywhere, so we all need to take proactive steps to prevent them from […]