Smoke Alarms Installation & Maintenance According to The Various States in Australia

Smoke detectors are undoubtedly an important precaution when ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones. According to Fire and Rescue NSW data, 56% of fatal home fires between 2000 and 2014 occurred in homes, where no smoke alarms were present. A working smoke alarm provides a critical early warning, giving you and your […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible and odourless toxic gas. Known to be an ‘invisible killer’, carbon monoxide can be deadly if there are high levels of carbon monoxide at home. A byproduct of burning carbon fuel like the natural gas in your stove, and the gasoline in your car, small doses of carbon monoxide […]

4 Simple Ways To Secure Your Backyard

Your backyard is a special place to create memories with your family and friends – and while many of us are more concerned with securing the inside of our homes – it’s also vital to secure the outside. Securing your backyard not only helps prevent hazards from harming you and your family, it also protects […]

How To Secure Your Home Before Going Abroad

Traveling abroad can take months of planning, from passports and visas, to overseas itineraries and language learning apps to vaccination jabs. There are countless items to account for before you jump on the plane to enjoy that long awaited vacation. It’s important however, to make sure you don’t overlook your home security while you’re traveling […]

6 Things To Do If Your Home Catches Fire

If there’s a fire in your home knowing what to do and acting quickly can ultimately save lives. With more Australians said to have been killed in residential fires each year than other natural hazards such as floods, storms and bushfires combined, a recent study examining 14 years of coronial records across Australia shows that […]

How To Incorporate A Home Security System When Building A New Home

When it comes to the long, exciting and often stressful process of becoming a new homeowner, people tend to overlook the safety and security aspect until after all is said and done. However, the ideal point in time to start thinking about this, especially if you are building your new home instead of simply buying […]

Tips on Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

The opportunity to wear creepy costumes, eat lollies all night and carve scary pumpkins make Halloween an exciting time of year for all children. There is no doubt that this frightful holiday can be awesome fun for your kids but as parents, you’re probably concerned about their safety. To make sure that you’re prepared, here […]

A Comprehensive Guide On Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives, so it is a no-brainer when it comes to ensuring safety in homes and offices. However, while there is legislation around having them fitted, some people are not clear on smoke alarm maintenance and care. The choice of photoelectric smoke alarms on the market may also be a little confusing but […]

Tips for DIY Installation of Home Security Systems

A traditional home security system may appear prohibitively expensive at first glance, but did you know there’s a much cheaper option on the market? Known as the DIY kit, this easy-to-install system forgoes the need for a licensed electrician, thus saving you hundreds of dollars now and even more down the track. You don’t even […]

6 Tips on Teaching Your Kids About Home Security

It’s never too early to teach kids about home security. Besides, reviewing home security systems and smoke alarm basics can be a great way to refresh your memory so that the whole family stays safe. Here are six tips for teaching youngsters about alarms, home systems, detectors, and more. Prepare for Fire Emergencies Kids often […]