IntelLink vs. Ring: Which Security Floodlight Camera Should You Choose?


Whether you’re securing a commercial property or the family home, a floodlight camera should be your first line of defence. By lighting up a large area and recording a potential perpetrator in the act, these high-tech devices serve as the ultimate deterrent. Would-be thieves will simply move on to a more vulnerable target, leaving your […]

Top 7 Items You Need In Your First Aid Kit


Accidents are unavoidable – especially in a household with children. Be it a simple scraped knee, cut or the more serious injuries like burns, immediate treatment is recommended. Stocking up your first aid kit supplies with some necessities would be ideal in preparing for any situation effectively. Here are 7 essential items you need in your […]

Apartment Security: 5 Safety Tips for Renters

Home security is important for everyone, not just homeowners on a landed property. Whether you are renting an apartment or staying at a bought property, home safety should be first and foremost in your mind. After all, break-ins and theft can happen anywhere, so we all need to take proactive steps to prevent them from […]

IntelLink: Making Your Home Smarter, Safer, Better

If you are looking for the best home security systems in Australia, then Home Safety Store has the perfect home safety solution for you. We proudly present IntelLink, whose high-tech selection of smart products will enhance the safety and security of your home. The first smart home product we are introducing is the highly sought […]

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Intercom System

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Intercom System

When it comes to picking out an intercom system, you have plenty of options. This gives you the luxury of selecting an intercom system that is a good fit for you, as different intercom systems cater to different people. For example, audio intercom systems allow you to speak and listen through the devices, whereas with […]

Tips on How You Can Secure Your Home Post COVID-19 Lockdown

While much of Victoria remains firmly under lockdown and other states anxiously enjoy their freedoms, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home security, DIY style. And you don’t have to be holed up at home all week to fortify your house, as there are plenty of improvements you can make on a […]

Smoke Alarms Installation & Maintenance According to The Various States in Australia

Smoke detectors are undoubtedly an important precaution when ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones. According to Fire and Rescue NSW data, 56% of fatal home fires between 2000 and 2014 occurred in homes, where no smoke alarms were present. A working smoke alarm provides a critical early warning, giving you and your […]