How Home Security Is Getting Smarter

The statistics on domestic burglary and car theft in Australia from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Source  March 2018 ) indicate a worrying trend. In 2017, a burglary occurred around every three minutes, and over three quarters of burglars can enter the family property in less than five minutes. These figures only show the […]

A real lifesaver: PSA’s new smoke alarm will really go the distance for you

Smoke alarms are an integral part of every home or office that could be the difference between life and death. That is why the peace of mind a good smoke alarm offers is so important – and valuable. For more than 30 years now, PSA has been protecting Australians with our line of fire, security, […]

Pros & Cons of DIY vs Professional Technician for Installing Home Security Products

Keeping the home environment secure is a job that has to be done and a home security system should be installed. There is a debate around whether it is best to install these types of systems yourself, or call out a professional company to get the job done. Before making a decision, it is always best […]

A comparison between YesCamYES731, Swann 1080p & Kogan Wireless IP camera

Ever wished you could have a wider view or a different angle of the room using your security camera without tilting it manually? With the advancement of technology, that wish is now a reality with a pan and tilt security camera. Users can control the camera to a certain degree, allowing them a wider view […]

A Comparison Between Indoor Security Cameras

Choosing the right security camera can be a difficult decision when there are so many brands of security cameras in the market. You will need to consider the different prices and features before you can make a purchase that is worthwhile. There are a range of cameras available for different needs –  from a wifi […]

Top 7 Tips For Staying Safe When You’re Living Alone

Living by yourself has got some really great bonuses – no arguing over the remote control, complete say on the home decoration front and pretty much being able to do want you want, whenever you want. There is nothing better than getting back home at the end of the day, knowing that the place you […]

What Renters Need To Know About Home Security 

One of the aspects of renting a property and not owning it outright, is that the renter may not appreciate that they should invest in suitable home security systems. Home security is not just for family homes as there are a number of practical and affordable systems on the market today for those renting apartments and other properties.   Renters are still liable […]