A Comparison Between Indoor Security Cameras

Choosing the right security camera can be a difficult decision when there are so many brands of security cameras in the market. You will need to consider the different prices and features before you can make a purchase that is worthwhile. There are a range of cameras available for different needs –  from a wifi security camera that could be used at home to a CCTV security system that could be installed at a workplace.

Then, there are these security cameras made for indoor use – YesCam WiFi Indoor IP Camera, Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera and Uniden Guardian App Cam 24 Indoor HD Surveillance Camera. This article aims to compare the different features as well as benefits between these 3 products.

Ease of Use

Setting up a new device can be daunting. There may be different wires or programs that you will need to install. It can get stressful if the security camera does not work the way it is supposed to.

YesCam has a set-up procedure that is as simple as plugging in and running the set-up through a mobile device. It only requires an ID and a password to access the footage from anywhere in the world.

Nest Cam and Uniden Guardian require a few more steps before they are ready to use. Also, Nest Cam is the only one out of the three that offers a paid subscription for additional features such as continuous recording.


All three cameras have 2-way audio and night vision. The one thing that sets YesCam apart from Nest Cam and Uniden Guardian is the thermometer. YesCam has a thermometer feature to monitor the temperature of the area the camera is in. This is especially useful during colder months.

When purchasing a security camera, it is worth taking note of what frames per second (fps) the camera can record at. The higher the fps, the smoother the video will be. YesCam and Nest Cam both record at 30fps, while Uniden Guardian only records at a maximum of 20 fps. In terms of video resolution, YesCam records at 1280 x 800p while Nest Cam records at 1920 x 1080p. Although Nest Cam has a higher number of pixels, both cameras record at a high definition resolution. This means that the recorded footage from both cameras would be similar in quality.


One of the most important features in a security camera is the ability to play back recorded footage. YesCam stores footage in an SD Card with 5 seconds of pre-recording. It also provides users with the option to store the recorded footage in Dropbox.

Nest Cam offers cloud storage but requires users to pay a subscription fee. Uniden Guardian only offers local storage in an SD Card. 


Despite Uniden Guardian being the cheapest out of the three, naturally it has got less superior features as the other two brands. Nest Cam, on the other hand, provides users with many more features. However, it is the most expensive and requires a paid subscription service in order for users to get the most out of its camera. YesCam stands in the middle ground in terms of price, with features such as cloud storage and thermometer. You will be able to utilize these value-added features without additional monthly costs.

Type YesCam WiFi Indoor IP Camera Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Uniden Guardian App Cam 24 Indoor HD Surveillance Camera
Video Resolution 1280×800, 30fps 1920×1080, 30fps 1280×720, 20fps
Connectivity Requirements Wi-Fi Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Storage Cloud, SD Card SD Card Micro SD
App Android/iOS Android/iOS Android/iOS
Digital Zoom 8x
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Price $150 $319 + Monthly subscription fee $36
Two Way Audio Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes yes Yes
Thermometer Yes No No
Audio 2-way 2-way 2-way


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