A comparison between YesCamYES731, Swann 1080p & Kogan Wireless IP camera

Ever wished you could have a wider view or a different angle of the room using your security camera without tilting it manually? With the advancement of technology, that wish is now a reality with a pan and tilt security camera. Users can control the camera to a certain degree, allowing them a wider view of the room. YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt, Swann Pan and Tilt, and Kogan Wireless are some of the security cameras that have this feature.

Pan and Tilt: The Benefits

  • Allows your security camera to cover a much larger area, providing you with better security and a more comprehensive view of the space.
  • Gives you more flexibility in placement – the pan and tilt function means you get more viewing angle options without having to manually reposition the camera.
  • Reduces labour and costs – not only are they easy to install, the increased coverage provided by a pan and tilt camera means you won’t have to install additional security cameras.

Pan and Tilt Viewing Range: A Comparison

YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt, Swann Pan and Tilt, and Kogan Wireless all share a pan and tilt feature.

YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt can pan up to 340° and tilt 130° while Swann Pan and Tilt has a slightly higher pan viewing range with 355°. However, it falls behind with a tilt viewing range of only 105°. Kogan Wireless can pan up to 355° and tilt to 120°.

The Swann Pan and Tilt and Kogan Wireless have a disadvantage in terms of the maximum angle to which they can tilt. Although YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt has a lower pan viewing range, it makes up for it by having the highest tilt viewing range out of the three.


These three cameras share similar hardware features. They include motion sensor, alarm and notifications, night vision, and two-way audio capabilities. The pan and tilt feature is easily controlled by an app on a device. It is extremely useful for providing maximum security with its wider angle and tilt capabilities. It can also be mounted on any surface.


Storage of recorded footage determines a camera’s ease of use. Even though most cameras use an SD card to store footage internally, there are cameras that make this feature more user-friendly by storing its footage in connected devices (NAS).

The recorded footage on Swann Pan and Tilt can only be stored internally, whereas recordings on Kogan Wireless can be stored in a NAS, if an SD card is not present. YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt stands out amongst these three brands. It can store recorded footage internally on an SD card, in a NAS and additional cloud storage feature using Dropbox. This allows users to access the footage from anywhere and at any time.


While the hardware for all three cameras are rather similar, YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt offers more features in comparison to Swann Pan and Tilt and Kogan Wireless. The higher viewing range enables users to view more of the targeted area, and it is able to support up to 20 users simultaneously, making it perfect for the whole family or even your business. The ease of access when it comes to the footage is also a major advantage, so even though YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt is the most expensive out of the three, it is worth considering for the additional benefits that you will get.

Type YesCam Indoor Pan and Tilt IP Camera Swann 1080p Pan & Tilt WiFi Security Camera Kogan Wireless IP camera
Pan 340° 355° 355°
Tilt 130° 105° 120°
Connectivity Requirements Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Storage SD Card, NAS, Cloud MicroSD MicroSD, NAS
App Android/iOS Android/iOS Android/iOS
Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Price $250 $169 $99
Notifications Yes Yes Yes
Motion Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Audio Two-way Two-way Two-way

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