With crime rates on the rise, a home security system could be the solution to protecting your property

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Did you know that home invasions have soared in Melbourne’s southeast, with Cranbourne, Skye and Devon Meadows becoming hot spots for aggravated burglaries?

At the same time, other suburbs where police have seen a rise in violent break-ins include Moe, Heidelberg, Narre Warren, St Kilda and Brunswick, while Caulfield South has seen almost twice as many aggravated burglaries last year as there had been the previous four years combined.

Overall, Victoria’s crime rate has risen by 10.2 percent, with home invasions increasing by a massive 40 percent according to figures from the Crime Statistics Agency.

With this going on, it is natural and understandable that homeowners are seeking ways to protect their homes and themselves from unwanted intruders. Even though Police Minister Lisa Neville has promised to “roll out whatever powers and resources we need to get on top of this so that Victorians feel safe,” the fact remains that homeowners need to start taking steps to keep their property and belongings secure too.

A good and effective security system is the difference between keeping intruders out and thieves getting into your home and taking or destroying the contents. There are a number of home security products available, from electronic alarms and CCTV systems, to the basic reinforced doors and windows.

Home alarm system

This is made up of the control panel, a siren and the detection sensors. The control panel is the device that allows the homeowner to turn off and on the alarm when entering or leaving the property, or when locking up the house before going to bed.

The control panel is part of the security detection system, which monitors the home and sets off the alarms if necessary. Many alarm systems can be zoned so only certain zones are activated while you are sleeping, or if everyone is downstairs, the alarm can be turned on for upstairs only. This way, you are made aware if anyone attempts to enter your house even when you are at home. Used together with glass break detection devices, which are triggered by the sound of glass breaking, or door/window contacts, which will activate if a door or window is opened, an alarm system can be a lifesaving device that allows you ample time to prepare and call the police.


A CCTV security system is one option that many homeowners consider, and again, the detection sensors will trigger a camera that will record individuals approaching the property. However, care should be taken not to infringe on the privacy rights of others, such as close neighbours, for instance.

CCTV systems can be viewed remotely on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to view footage live, take snapshots, and play back. CCTV systems vary in price depending on the quality of the cameras, which can range from 650TVL to 1080P HD quality. The price will also depend on how many cameras you can attach to the system, and of course you will need an electrician to help install the cameras, which will mean extra labour costs.

Wi-Fi IP Cameras

Wi-Fi IP cameras are a great and easy way to set up security within your home by yourself – all you need is a Wi-Fi connection within your home and a smartphone. Wi-Fi IP cameras allow you to view the camera footage live on your smartphone or tablet wherever in the world you may be.

You will also be able to receive notifications through a smartphone app on any movement that is detected, talk to people through the camera, and record via SD card or through Dropbox. Plus there are temperature notifications so if the temperature gets too hot, you will be notified as well – a great fire safety function!

Wireless systems

A type of security system that is very popular due to its low cost, and that is ideal for those who move around quite a lot, is the wireless alarm system. Wireless alarm kits can be bought from a number of high street outlets as well as ordered online, and are relatively easy to install yourself.

They are easy to set up with pre-paired devices, so all you need to do is choose the location you want the devices and you’re off! You are also able to activate and deactivate the alarm from your smartphone, speak to whoever may be home at the time, and have alerts as to who has turned off the alarm with their pre-programmed entry tags.

With all the home safety products available on the market these days, it is easy for homeowners to take steps to protect their property and family. Don’t forget that regardless of the home security system you choose, you should always make sure that you have fitted secure door and window locks to all entry points, in addition to reinforcing doors and garage entrances.

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