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Here in Australia, Home Safety Store is proud to provide our customers with a range of home security systems and products for your home or business premise. Because we only source products from brands that we trust and that we would actually install in our own homes, our customers can be confident that when they buy a home security system from Home Safety Store, they are getting a top quality product.

Do you have a home, or even a business premise, that requires a security system? Here at Home Safety Store, we are experienced in providing property owners with home security systems and products to suit their requirements. Our best selling home security systems and products include:

Home security systems are a worthy investment for any savvy homeowner or business owner, as they are an effective way to deter crime and protect yourself, your family and/or your property. As anyone who has had their home broken into knows and understands, the feeling of having had your privacy invaded and knowing that some stranger has been in your home is difficult to shake.

Here at Home Safety Store, we take pride in the fact that we stock only premium home security systems that have been tested to ensure quality and reliability – and that our customers can buy at affordable prices. Don’t wait until something happens; keep your family and property safe by investing in a home security system today!

Home Safety Facts

Quality home alarm systems effectively deter burglars and vandals from attempting to break into your property.

In 2010, 254,500 Australian households were the victims of at least one break-in to their home, garage or shed and 203,700 households were victims of an attempted break-in. – Australian Bureau of Statistics

Numerous research bodies in Australia and across the world have found some key facts about residential burglaries:

  1. Most burglaries are opportunistic and are not planned in advance. This means that a burglar strikes only on spotting an open door/window or an unguarded/empty house.
  2. Most burglars do not attempt breaking into homes with alarm systems, a security guard or a dog.

Home Safety Store allows you to protect your family and property through our range of alarm systems. We also offer solutions such as lock alarms to keep your belongings safe. Not sure which home security system will best suit your needs? To find out more information or get assistance on buying the right security system for you and your family, simply email info@homesafetystore.com.au or contact us via our enquiry form.


$25.00 inc. GST
$11.00 inc. GST
$11.00 inc. GST
$20.00 inc. GST
$55.00 inc. GST
$35.00 inc. GST
$260.00 inc. GST
$180.00 inc. GST

Home Safety & Security

Pinkerton CCTV Power & Video Cable

$40.00 inc. GST

Home Safety & Security

Pinkerton CCTV Camera Power Supply

$25.00 inc. GST

Home Safety & Security

Pinkerton 4-way Power Splitter Cable

$12.00 inc. GST
Rated 5.00 out of 5
$55.00 $44.00 inc. GST

Home Safety & Security

Lifesaver 240V Carbon Monoxide Alarm

$130.00 $104.00 inc. GST
$175.00 inc. GST

Home Safety & Security

HiLook 2MP Outdoor Bullet Camera

$75.00 inc. GST