Traveling abroad can take months of planning, from passports and visas, to overseas itineraries and language learning apps to vaccination jabs. There are countless items to account for before you jump on the plane to enjoy that long awaited vacation. It’s important however, to make sure you don’t overlook your home security while you’re traveling abroad. There can be nothing worse than an unwanted visitor intruding on your home as you’re taking in the sights of Sicily in Italy or exploring the medinas of Marrakesh in Morocco. For while it may not be at the top of your list, securing your home while you’re away is just as important in making sure you enjoy your vacation to its fullest. Before you travel abroad, be sure to secure your home with these 5 essential steps.

  • Schedule Your Lights With A Timer

Setting your lights to come on with a timer is a great way of giving the impression that someone is present in your property when it’s empty. A useful deterrent for potential burglars, this trick is best utilised for lights close to windows or fixtures at the front of your house. Be sure to program your timer so that lamps and lights switch on as soon as it gets dark outside. As an added precaution, you can also set your lights to power on at different times throughout the day to avoid strangers from catching on. Once you’ve set your timer correctly, be sure to draw curtains back appropriately to ensure your lights are visible from the outside. Alternatively, for any light fixtures outside, be sure to find waterproof timers to make sure you needn’t worry about a downpour blowing your cover.

  • Reach Out To Your Trusted Neighbours

If you have a solid rapport with your neighbours, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trusted friends next door before you go away. An overflowing mailbox can be a giveaway sign that nobody is home, so be sure to have your neighbour drop by to pick up any mail and hold it in safekeeping while you’re traveling abroad. It can also be useful if you can get them to check on your house from time to time, while it’s a good idea to set up a system where they can keep you updated on the state of your home when you’re not there. For added peace of mind, be sure to establish with them when they should notify the police of any misdemeanours at your house in your absence.

  • Put Your TV On A Timer

Similar to putting a timer on your lights, the glow from your television screen can act as a great indicator to potential thieves that someone’s home. Many modern TVs have built-in timers that can be adjusted easily before you go abroad, so be sure to time the sounds and lights from your TV to come on at specific times to keep unwelcome visitors away.

  • Use Security Cameras

Security cameras give you the ability to see for yourself, what’s exactly happening in your home at any time. Be sure to research and find the right security camera for your needs before traveling abroad. A wireless alarm system can save you money and time with no need to pay for labour costs to wire up your entire home, while boasting the added convenience of operating using a SIM card. This allows you to control your alarm system off-site, as well as receive notifications on your mobile phone when the alarm goes off. A CCTV security system is great for keeping track of anything happening outside your front or back garden.

Added night-vision features mean that your cameras can work past sunset and keep track of your home 24 hours a day, which can be especially useful if you’re travelling somewhere with a huge time difference. If a burglar does decide to intrude upon your property when you’re away, a CCTV system ensures that you’re fully prepared with solid visual evidence. A Wi-Fi security camera works via your wireless internet connection at home. As long as you’re connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can view live footage of your home on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are in the world.

These versatile cameras can be used both indoor and outdoor, while alerts and notifications can be set up on your phone if any motion is detected or even if your property gets too hot with a temperature gauge. Before you leave your home, be sure to set up your security cameras in the right locations to ensure that your chosen security system provides maximum surveillance.

  • Keep Your Landscape Neat And Tidy

If you’re leaving your home for an extensive period of time, be sure to keep your landscape looking neat and tidy. Keep the bushes surrounding your home trim and remember to mow your lawn before you leave, as an unkempt landscape can be a clear sign that your property is vacant and can attract the wrong people towards it. Keeping up your home’s appearance throughout your time abroad can ultimately help reduce the risk of strangers noticing that nobody is home.

Securing your home while you’re abroad shouldn’t be a task left undone before you leave. If you’re away, a home security system should always be in place for any potential thieves or burglars. For professional advice and expert guidance, contact the friendly team at the Home Safety Store to help you secure your home for your travels abroad.