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Cigarette Smoke Detectors and Alarms, Australia

As a country that carries some of the strictest no smoking laws in the region, Australia has banned smoking in vehicles with children, some enclosed public places, most major company-owned workplaces, and most enclosed restaurants.

This means that for many businesses and individuals, including restaurant and café owners, retailers, motel owners and medical clinic practitioners, cigarette smoke detection alarms are a necessary and effective part of their organisation.

Cigarette smoke detectors are a cost effective and easy way of knowing when someone is smoking on the premises, and are suitable for commercial buildings as well as home use. We recommend the Lifesaver Battery Powered ‘No Smoking’ Smoke Alarm.

Some of the features of our ‘no smoking’ smoke alarm include:

• Detects cigarette, cigar and tobacco smoke

• Highly sensitive alarm using photoelectric technology

• Emits an alarm and flashing red light when activated

• 9V battery operation

• 3 levels of sensitivity: high, normal and low

• In-built selectable NO/NC relay that allows for remote monitoring

Home Safety Store prides ourselves on only sourcing products from brands that we trust, and that we would actually use ourselves, so when you buy a cigarette smoke detector from us, you can rest assure that you are getting a high quality product.

Remember also that cigarette smoke detection devices are designed to only detect cigarette, cigar and tobacco smoke, so they should never be used in place of a smoke alarm. Want to know more? For enquiries or assistance, contact us today!

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