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Ionisation Smoke Alarms

Ionisation smoke alarms detect smoke using ionisation sensing technology, which comprises of a manmade radioactive element called Americium 241. This ionises the air around it, and as a result, makes excellent conductivity possible. With ionisation smoke alarms, current passes through the gaps in the air with ease without triggering the alarm. However, in the event of particles arising from combustion or dust particles, those particles encapsulate the ionising air, causing an increased resistance to conductivity, and therefore triggering the alarm.

The benefits of ionisation smoke alarms

Ionisation smoke alarms are most suitable for bedroom areas, as they are most efficient at detecting fast flaming fires, such as curtains that have caught fire. Compared to a photoelectric smoke alarm, an ionisation smoke alarm would trigger more quickly in that situation.

If you are choosing between a photoelectric smoke alarm and an ionisation smoke alarm, be aware of the state legislation surrounding this. Currently, Queensland (10 year phase out of Ionisation Smoke Alarms beginning 1 January 2017) and the Northern Territory only allow the use of photoelectric smoke alarms, while fire departments in those and other states also recommend the use of photoelectric smoke alarms for home use.

Because ionisation smoke alarms and photoelectric smoke alarms function differently and carry different benefits, Home Safety Store recommends having both types of smoke alarms in your home, depending on where they are located. This will maximise the detection of any and all types of possible fires that could occur.

In addition, it is important to note that while a quality smoke alarm will often last you more than 10 years, fire departments and Australian Standards recommend that you change your smoke alarm at least every 10 years – for your safety and complete peace of mind.

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Looking for an ionisation smoke alarm? We have a wide range of ionisation smoke alarms for you to choose from, including the HG1000, LIF10YI and LIF5000. For more information or to get assistance on which type of ionisation smoke alarm would suit your needs the best, simply contact us today.