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Lock Alarm, Australia

Are you looking to add that extra layer of protection to your security? A lock alarm might be the solution.

The lock alarm will sound an ear-piercing alarm at 120dB when someone attempts to cut through the lock or cable. It is an easy and effective way of attracting attention and scaring away a potential thief. Thanks to intelligent electronics, the alarm will only sound when the lock or cable is being tampered with so you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

Home Safety Store has several types of lock alarms available, including the Handisafe lock alarm. This is a small, portable safe that allows you to store your valuables when you are out and about, including your tablet device, mobile phone and keys. Simply loop the cable around a secure pole or something immobile and your items will be secure.

Lock alarms are a cost effective way of keeping your belongings secure both within your property and outside of it. Lock alarms are perfect for camping trips, snow holidays, or even if it’s just securing your bike at the station.

We pride ourselves on only sourcing products from brands that we trust, and that we would actually use ourselves, so when you buy a lock alarm from Home Safety Store in Australia, you know that you are getting a high quality product.

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