Our latest Chuango G5W 3G wireless alarm system is a DIY system that offers protection without boundaries where you can control your entire system remotely from an App on your phone!

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Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems, Australia

Here in Australia, Home Safety Store is proud to provide our customers with a range of wireless alarm kits and wireless home security alarm systems for your home or business premise.

Because we only source products from brands that we trust and that we would actually install in our own homes, our customers can be confident that when they buy a wireless alarm system from Home Safety Store, they are getting a top quality product.

Wireless alarm systems operate through radio frequency communication between the control panel, security detection devices and alarm devices. For instance, the frequency that is used in the Chuango wireless alarm system, which you can buy right here on our website, is 433MHz.

The main benefit to installing a wireless home security alarm system is the cost – or lack of it. Unlike a wired system, installing a wireless alarm kit means you won’t have to pay for the labour cost of wiring up your home. Think about it: a standard tiled roof, brick veneer single storey house could take a professional up to 1 day to wire, which at an average cost of between $60-$90 per hour, would add hundreds of dollars to your bill.

Some houses are also built in such a way that they cannot be wired, which means the homeowners have no choice but to install a wireless home security alarm system.

Another benefit of our wireless alarm systems is that they operate using a SIM card, which allows you to control your wireless alarm system off-site as well as receive notification on your mobile phone when the alarm goes off. Want to know more? Here are the key features of our wireless alarm systems here at Home Safety Store in Australia:

• Easy setup

• Expandable up to 50 sensors

• Great range of accessories, i.e. external sirens and strobes, repeaters, and various detection devices

• User-friendly controls through an Android or iPhone app

• System can be armed or disarmed easily using keyfob or RFID tags

• Power efficient devices

• Low battery notification via SMS

When buying a wireless alarm system, always choose one that has a wide range of accessories and that can be expanded if required. A good wireless home security alarm system is one that is easy to set up, use and control. Also, make sure that your wireless alarm kit is battery friendly – you don’t want to find yourself having to change the batteries on the sensors every month!

Here at Home Safety Store, we take pride in the fact that we stock only premium wireless alarm systems that our customers can buy at affordable prices. Not sure which wireless alarm kit will best suit your needs? For more information or to get assistance on buying the right wireless alarm system for your home or business premise, simply email or contact us today.

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