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Audio & Video Intercom Systems

12V DC Surface Mount Electric Strike

$240.00 inc. GST

Audio & Video Intercom Systems

Farfisa ‘UP’ Flush Mount Audio Intercom Kit

$89.00 inc. GST
$160.00 inc. GST
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Audio & Video Intercom Systems

Panacom 820 Video Monitor High Definition

$260.00 inc. GST
Rated 1.00 out of 5
$290.00 inc. GST

Audio & Video Intercom Systems

Panacom 830 Video Monitor (High Def)

$450.00 inc. GST
$300.00 inc. GST
$450.00 inc. GST

Audio & Video Intercom Systems

Panacom Q916 Audio Intercom Master Station

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$100.00 inc. GST

Intercom Accessories


$35.00 inc. GST

Home Intercom Systems and Panacom Intercom Systems, Australia

Here in Australia, Home Safety Store is proud to provide our customers with a range of home intercom systems, including Panacom intercom systems. Because we only source products from brands that we trust and that we would actually install in our own homes, our customers can be confident that when they buy home intercom systems online from Home Safety Store, they are getting only top quality products.

Home intercom systems are mainly used to alert a homeowner when someone is at their door. They can also be used internally for communicating between rooms if they are set up to do so. When installed together with a doorbell, home intercom systems allow a homeowner to know when there is someone at the door and to communicate with them.

While some intercom systems are audio only, which means the homeowner is able to speak to whomever is at the door, others are video and audio, which allows the homeowner to not only speak to the person at the door, but also view them through a camera.

From a safety and convenience perspective, home intercom systems, including Panacom intercom systems, allow homeowners to safely identify and communicate with anyone who might be at their door, particularly if the person is a stranger or someone whom they might not want to let into their home.

Here at Home Safety Store, we stock Panacom intercom systems, which are reliable, user-friendly and designed for easy installation – all at an affordable price. Additional features include allowing users to unlock the door latch of a pedestrian door with just a press of a button on the internal monitor, open the car gate, have internal room-to-room communication, and take photographs of whomever is at the door (some models only). The PAN830SK can also be linked to 2 CCTV cameras that you can view on your monitor.

Not sure which home intercom system or Panacom intercom system will best suit your needs? For more information or to get assistance on buying the right product for your home or business premise, simply email or contact us today.