Mobile monitoring

WiFi connection

Motion detector

Night Vision

Two-way audio

IP65 weather resistance

24/7 WiFi Connection

The IntelLink Video Intercom Kit offers around-the-clock access to the front door of your home via a 10” monitor in your lounge room and remotely through the IntelLink Mobile App. With IntelLink, you can now enjoy full control over the security of your home.

Smart Technology

Monitor, record, interact or open the front door for your guest without leaving the living room through the InterLink Mobile App. Smart technology makes home security convenient and safer than ever before.

Enhanced Safety

With an SD card or cloud subscription, you can automatically record high definition images via the motion detector or doorbell push function. Automated image capturing helps safeguard your home by keeping a permanent record of everyone who attempts to gain access.


Security keypad codes allow up to 200 unique user codes and 200 RFID tags.  Release the door lock via your IntelLink App or through the monitor, and expand up to 2 door station and 6 monitors.

 Home security starts at the front door. 

Record visitors on a SD card (locally) or on Cloud (subscription) so you don’t have to question what has been happening while you were gone.

IntelLink Mobile App

Interact with guests and open the door from anywhere. With the user-friendly mobile app, you can receive real-time alerts and be instantly updated on who’s visiting your home. This access can be shared across multiple users.

Easy To Use

The Video Intercom Kit is ready to go in a few simple steps: install the intercom and doorbell, download/register for the app, connect the app to your kit. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Long-lasting Design

The IntelLink Video Intercom System is durable and long-lasting. It comes with an IP65 rated door station to withstand the harsh Australian climate, while a two-year warranty gives peace of mind the product is built to last.

  • 10″ HD Touchscreen Monitor
  • IP65 door station with built-in access keypad and RFID reader
  • Connect using Wi-Fi for remote notifications and control via the IntelLink App
  • Record visitors on SD Card or Cloud (Subscription fee for Cloud)
  • Up to 200 user codes and 200 RFID tag capacity
  • Digital photo frame function on standby mode
  • Expand to 2 door stations and up to 6 monitors
  • Expand with either 10″ or 7″ monitor options
  • Door and gate release locally on monitor, or remotely via IntelLink App
  • IR LED’s for night vision
  • GEMGK310 Electric Strike for door latch feature

To add an extra monitor, purchase the INT210TWMS (10″ Slave Monitor) or INT27WMS(7′ Slave Monitor)


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