Wirelessly interconnect up to 24 Units

The LIF6000DCW can be used as a stand alone unit, or can be interconnected with up to 24 units, keeping your home safer.  If a smoke alarm is triggered downstairs, the smoke alarm in the bedroom will also trigger to alert you of any danger. To find the initiating smoke alarm, look for the latched Red LED light.

Safety made Simple

The LIF6000DCW can be used with the LIF6000THL (Test & Hush Remote) to easily test or hush your smoke alarms without reaching up to the smoke alarm with a broom stick.  It can be paired with the LIF6000 and LIF6000RL mains powered smoke alarms which are fitted with the LIF6000WB base plate.

New Design

This new design features a two-piece structure with small streamline air-flow gaps into the detection sensor and a new separation cover plate to minimise condensation inside the smoke alarm.  There is also a conductive smoke detection chamber to repel dust away and prevent particles from adhering inside the sensor chamber such as plasterboard dust.

The Smoke detector sensor is programmed to activate only after 5 positive detection readings – this filtering technology will reduce false alarm activations caused by dust, insects and external factors.

A Low battery hush feature will hush the beeping for 8 hours, giving users time to attend to the smoke alarm, definitely a handy feature with those 3am beeps!


The wireless interlink network is fully supervised and monitored at all times. The smart network communications to each device and monitors its wireless performance and status of the smoke alarms. If any device disconnects from the network, the device warns of any dropouts.

The wireless network is protected with cyber security to prevent any interference from other wireless signals commonly found in residential settings.

  • Wireless, surface mount smoke alarm
  • Powered by 10 year lithium battery (non-replaceable)
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Compatible with LIF6000THLsmoke alarm controller, and 6000 series alarms fitted with LIF6000WB wireless base
  • Easy power on / power off baseplate
  • Wirelessly interconnect up to 24 units
  • Bug screen sensor chamber protection (0.8mm diameter)
  • Electronics coating to prevent build up of heat and condensation caused by humidity and high temperatures
  • Sensor interference filter technology to reduce false alarms
  • Anti-static chamber to repel dust and reduce false alarms
  • Single button test and hush feature
  • Low battery hush feature
  • Fully supervised, secured and monitored wireless RF network
  • 10 year warranty
  • ActivFire certified, Approved to AS3786:2014, AS4268:2017

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