• 240V with sealed in rechargeable battery backup
  • Power, Low battery and Alarm LED indicators.
  • Test/Reset Button
  • For Wall or Ceiling Mounting
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Interconnectable up to 24 PSA LIFESAVER Smoke, Heat, and CO Alarms
  • Provides 7 years of continuous operation
  • Approved to EN50291.1:2010
  • Loud 85dB at 3m sounder.
  • This alarm meets the following response time:
    50ppm: 60-90 min
    100ppm: 10-40 min
    300ppm: within 3 min

The LIFESAVER LIFCO240 alarm is 240V mains powered,  with a non-removeable lithium rechargeable battery. It can be interconnected to other LIFESAVER smoke alarms and heat alarms. If one alarm activates all alarms will sound. If CO alarm activates it will sound 4 beeps pause then 4 beeps repeating.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas that is produced when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, natural gas, LPG, charcoal and wood are not burned efficiently. It can be produced from poorly maintained or badly fitted domestic heating appliances such as boilers, wall heaters, wood burners, blocked flues or exhaust vents.

The symptoms of CO poisoning include headaches, sickness, tiredness and muscle pain – all of which can easily be misdiagnosed as flu. It is therefore important to protect your family and home with a carbon monoxide alarm.

30 ppm = no alarm in 120 minutes
50 ppm = Must alarm in 60-90 minutes
100 ppm = Must alarm in 10-40 minutes
300 ppm = must alarm within 3 minutes

• Car left running in the garage
• Clogged chimney
• Corroded or disconnected water heater vent pipe
• Gas or wood-burning fireplace
• Cracked or loose boiler flue
• Improperly installed gas cooker, hob or hood
• Operating a grill indoors or in garage
• Portable paraffin or gas heater

• When mounting place the alarm a horizontal distance of between 2 to 3 metres from a fuel burning appliance.
• Wall-mounted alarms should be close to the ceiling, but at least 150mm away to avoid being in ‘dead-air’ space.
• Locate within hearing distance of bedrooms.
• CO alarms in rooms with sloped ceilings should be located on the high side of the room.
• Ceiling mounted alarms should be at least 300 mm from any wall.
• If there is a partition in the room, locate the alarm on the same side of the partition as the potential source.
• A CO alarm should be installed in all rooms containing a fuel burning appliance. Additional CO alarms should be installed in living areas, in every sleeping areas, and on every level of the home.

• Avoid locating next to draughts, such as doors, windows, extractor fans, air vents or other similar ventilation openings.
• Avoid locating close to obstructions (e.g. behind curtains, shelves or furniture).
• Avoid dusty, dirty or greasy areas, such as garages or workshops
• Avoid humid (bathrooms), cold (< -10 ºC) or hot (> 40ºC) or damp areas and keep away from sinks

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


240V Mains Powered with Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Back Up

Life of Alarm

7 Year sensor life


85+ dB at 3m @ 3.4±0.5 KHz pulsing alarm


Approved by BSI to EN52091 / CE approved


5 Years


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