The use of a NO/NC relay allows for remote monitoring by activating external sounders or lights.

3 Levels of Sensitivity

Behind the base plate, you have the ability select the level of sensitivity – high, normal or low.
A tamper screw prevents unwanted deactivation or tampering of the device.


A great deterrent for rental properties, short stays, high schools, or anywhere you do not want someone smoking.

Lifesaver ‘No Smoking’ Smoke Alarm is effective at detecting cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke at an early stage.

It is designed to alarm at the slight presence of cigarette or cigar smoke. The ‘No Smoking’ alarm is a highly sensitive alarm based on advanced photoelectric technology. It warns by emitting a buzzer and flashing red light on the unit.

Recent legislation has now placed the onus firmly on businesses to enforce a strict no–smoking policy within areas of their premises and the Lifesaver ‘No Smoking’ is a highly effective deterrent that will clearly display your strong commitment to legislative compliance.

This product is not to be used for any fire protection system application or general smoke alarm application.

Our ‘No Smoking’ smoke alarm has the following features:

  • Detects cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke
  • Highly sensitive alarm using photoelectric technology
  • Emits an alarm and flashing red light when activated
  • Interconnectable up to 12 units
  • 9V battery operation
  • Red LED flashes once every 45 seconds to indicate the alarm is functioning correctly (self-test)
  • Low battery chirp and red LED flashes simultaneously to indicate low battery condition
  • 3 levels of sensitivity: high, normal and low
  • In-built selectable NO/NC relay that allows for remote monitoring via by activating external sounders or lights (no remote monitoring via smart phone app)
  • Relay will latch until smoke has cleared.
  • The suggested installation range is within 2.4 meters of floor height, and an area of 7-8 square meters.
  • Test & Silence button for manual testing and silencing an activated alarm.
  • Fans and vents may affect the effectiveness of detection
  • Will not detect the smell of smoke. Smoke particles must enter the chamber to activate.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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