• Dimensions 1 metre X 1 metre
  • Ideal for kitchens, cars, caravans, workshops and boats
  • In plastic PVC pouch
  • Made from woven fibre glass material
  • Made to Australian Standards AS3504

Fire Blanket, Australia

A fire blanket consists of a piece of fire-resistant fabric (usually woven glass fibre) that can be used to smother a small fire (especially cooking fat fires) or wrap around a person whose clothing is alight. If you are looking to buy a fire blanket in Australia, you should ensure that the fire blanket meets the Australian Standards AS 3504, and measures no less than 1m x 1m.

Here at Home Safety Store, our 1.2m x 1.8m fibreglass fire blanket is the ideal solution. It is easy to access and remove from the packaging, which is important when you are trying to use it in an emergency. Store it in kitchen areas where small cooking fires could occur. Do not place them near the stove, as a stovetop fire could prevent you from accessing it. Keep them near the doorway instead.

Whether you live in your own home and want to provide your family with the extra protection or you are a landlord looking to make sure your renters are equipped to deal with an emergency, fire blankets are an affordable option when it comes to fire safety in your property. Keep your property and family safe – buy a fire blanket today!

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Additional information
Weight 1 kg


1m x 1m


Woven fibre glass material


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