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The Apex gang has been in the news quite a bit lately, and residents in Melbourne are understandably concerned about their activities.

Since earlier this year, police have been keeping a close watch on the gang and made a growing number of arrests, but reports are still surfacing of members of the gang robbing people in the street, stealing cars, and confronting families in their homes to rob and steal from them.

Among the areas that have been affected are the suburbs in the west, as well as Coburg, Dandenong, Clayton, Park Orchards, Blackburn and Mitcham, although the gang has been active in other parts of Melbourne as well.

According to police, the Apex gang is known for public disturbance, stealing luxury cars, and carrying out violent armed robberies and home invasions, acting out scenes reminiscent of violent video games like Grand Theft Auto.

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Even before the Apex gang became a regular news item, statistics showed that in 2010, 254,500 Australian households were the victims of at least one break-in to their home, garage or shed, and 203,700 households were victims of an attempted break-in.

Here are two key facts about residential burglaries:

  • Most burglaries are opportunistic and are not planned in advance. This means that a burglar strikes only upon spotting an open door / window or an unguarded / empty house.
  • Most burglars do not attempt breaking into homes with alarm systems, a security guard or a dog.

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