What Renters Need To Know About Home Security 

One of the aspects of renting a property and not owning it outright, is that the renter may not appreciate that they should invest in suitable home security systems. Home security is not just for family homes as there are a number of practical and affordable systems on the market today for those renting apartments and other properties.  

Renters are still liable for insurance premiums on their own items, so it makes sense to have home security products to protect these items and keep insurance costs as low as possible. The first step is to talk to a professional home security company who will have many years of experience, dealing with rented properties and providing advice on the best system to suit the individual. However, there are a few tips that renters need to know before getting any system installed. 

Check out your rental agreement 

There is probably a stipulation in the tenancy agreement that will not allow you to run wiring through the walls of the property. If you are there on a relatively short lease, this is not going to be something you would want to do. However, you can take advantage of technology and consider investing in a wireless alarm system, which would allow you to access information on the security of the property from your mobile device. In addition, once you move on, the wireless security system can move with you. 

Size of the system 

If you are renting an apartment, the entry and exit points for a potential intruder will be less than that of a family home. This is where the home security experts are invaluable at assessing what your needs are, as well as advising you on a smaller basic system to suit those needs. Check out what is included in the basic security package; in some cases, if you take up a service level agreement and you own the equipment, you can then take it with you when you move on. 

Security devices 

Even though a home security system is the best way to prevent intruders from coming into the property, there are other devices that should also be in place. You need to be assured by the landlord that the locks have been changed before you move in and that a good quality lock has been fitted as standard. If this has not happened, then you can arrange with the landlords to have a secure lock fitted. 

The same goes for window locks – if you are on the ground floor, it is important that access through windows is made as difficult as possible for unwanted visitors. Lighting is also important. If you are in a block owned by the same landlord, asking for lights that come on when activated by movement at each main entry and exit point or on communal corridors or garden entry points, is a good idea. 

Get to know your local home security company as they will always be on hand to advise and help, every time you move properties. 

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