The Importance Of Maintaining Your Security System After Installation

Investing in a security system to protect the home, or place of work, is going to be a sound investment, but like any piece of equipment it does need to be maintained in order to prolong its life expectancy and good quality performance. From installation to regular checks, there are several very good reasons to maintain your home safety systems.

Prevent Hacking

Wireless home security systems, including wifi security cameras, are connected to your own personal network. It is very important as with all online systems to ensure that carrying out regular system maintenance means installing software updates. This helps reduce the risk of hackers by improving your cyber security, otherwise outdated software will leave you vulnerable.

Ensure that you regularly update the software for all the connected devices which will include IP security cameras and other smart devices such as lights or locks. Professional home security companies will also provide information on the correct setup and installation of the security system you have purchased and will provide technical information on each make of kit purchased.

Keep It Clean

Whether you have invested in a Yescam wifi camera or Pinkerton security cameras,  you still need to keep the lens free from dirt and cobwebs. Cameras in operation 24/7 will perform better especially in night time conditions, if the lens is cleaned. This is the same for indoor, as well as outdoor cameras.  Making sure that any form of CCTV is kept looking good also shows any would be intruder that the system is regularly checked and in good condition. Cleaning with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush gets rid of insects that may want to set up home around the equipment, as well which can also obscure the vision.

You also need to clean any keypads linked to systems, like the Chuango alarm system, because a build-up of dirt from fingerprints could show which digits are used to enter the property. There are 10,000 possible combinations using the numbers 0-9, provided digits are used only once. This drops to 24 if you can see what 4 digits are regularly pressed. So, either keep it clean or change the code at least annually to ensure all keypad buttons are used.

Carry Out Regular Tests And Backups

On a monthly basis, test the system to ensure it is in good working order and make sure that you carry out regular backups. In the unlikely event of a system failure, with backup, the service can be up and running again fairly quickly. If not backed up, then no one can use the system until it is reloaded, causing downtime and frustration while the property is not being protected.

As part of the regular cleaning routine, check any hard wiring for any damage or wear and tear. Any battery-operated detection systems should have the battery tested and replaced in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep Down The Insurance Premiums

Insurance to cover critical incidents, burglary and damage to buildings and property, is not cheap and insurance premiums keep on rising. However, buildings fitted with a security system is a positive tick in the insurers box when it comes to working out the price of the insurance policy. However, if the security system is not properly maintained or fails to detect a break in, because of poor maintenance or damage, this is not going to help when putting in a claim for compensation. Insurers could justify not honouring a claim and you are then forced to pay out to replace goods or repair property damage.

Reduce The Chance Of False Alarms

Lack of maintenance means a security system is going to fall into disrepair and the chances of false alarms occurring increases. While your neighbour, community watch committee or security firm will respond if this is the process or system you have put in place, after the fourth or fifth time of a false alarm, people tend to ignore the alerts. Routine checks and maintenance will reduce the likelihood of false call outs and help prolong the lifecycle of the system.

Keep People And Property Safe

This is really important, particularly if you have installed a home security system where there are vulnerable adults, such as senior citizens. If the system fails to detect an intruder, if the householder trips or falls ill, or if the home smoke alarms fail to work, this is a matter of life and death. If fitted in the workplace, a security system is not only there to keep out intruders, but can act as a safety measure for staff working alone or late at night on the premises.

So, keep these points in mind when you install your security system. Ensure you add in a schedule of routine checks and maintenance because installation and maintenance are both as important as each other.

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