Tips on Keeping Your Kids Safe This Halloween

The opportunity to wear creepy costumes, eat lollies all night and carve scary pumpkins make Halloween an exciting time of year for all children. There is no doubt that this frightful holiday can be awesome fun for your kids but as parents, you’re probably concerned about their safety. To make sure that you’re prepared, here are some tips on keeping your kids safe at home this Halloween.

  1. Turn Off Your Alarm

It’s always important to consistently arm your home security system or video intercom system, but it’s also important to prevent any false system alarms if you’re home this Halloween. Before any trick-or-treaters arrive make sure that you’re adequately prepared for visitors while taking care to not set off any unnecessary alarms. Added surveillance cameras together with a Panacom intercom system are useful as a security measure to be able to see what’s happening outside your property at all times.

  1. Clear Your Path and Walkway

It’s important to ensure that you survey your front yard before anyone comes walking up your driveway. Potential hazards that cause trips or falls come in the form of dirt, moss and branches, while hoses and sprinklers can be dangerous to any masked trick-or-treaters not looking where they’re going.

  1. Turn on Your Lights

You may want to get into the spirit of things and set the scene properly this Halloween. It’s tempting to make the home extra spooky with only a few lanterns dimly lit, but a dark house can not only tell people you’re not accepting visitors, it’s also an accident or break-in waiting to happen. Make sure your exterior lights are working and keep the pathway from the street to your door well-lit. Be sure to leave lights on or have your motion sensor lights active if you’re at home to deter any unwanted individuals from causing any damage, and remember to turn on your security and video intercom system if you’re not at home.

  1. Put Your Pets Away

Your furry friends may want to take part in the Halloween festivities too, but not all of your visitors will be expecting them. Your loveable pets might usually be friendly but animals can be unpredictable. Your dog doesn’t bite but can easily knock down a toddler or chase children into the streets when excited. Be sure to keep all your pets securely confined until the night is over (and save some lollies for them – just kidding!).

  1. Avoid Candles

Candles are great for creating an eerie atmosphere or for that tinge of warmth, but they also increase the risk of accidental house fires. Instead of an actual candle try going with LED ones. This will save you from any risk of costumes, decorations and any other miscellaneous objects catching fire.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Front Door

You’re going to have plenty of trick-or-treaters knocking on your front door and while most are just children wanting to have some fun and collecting as much lollies as possible, it’s important to still be vigilant and cautious to who you open the door to. Be sure that not only is your door locked, but that your video intercom system is active and working properly at all times. A flush mount video intercom system like the Panacom 820 allows you to see anyone who presses your doorbell before deciding to let them inside your front door. There may be no shortage of masked Avengers or even Queen Elsa on the night!

  1. Turn on Your Alarm Before Going to Bed

Once the night is finished don’t forget to turn your home security alarm completely back on. Having an armed and monitored home brings complete peace of mind and comfort following a fun-packed evening with the kids.

Your kids are entitled to a good scare this Halloween, but it needn’t be dangerous at all. Keep your family safe in your home this Halloween by following our tips and enjoy a memorable night with the right home security products. Browse our online store for security products on sale or contact us today if you have any questions.

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