Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Home Security

Here are the top 10 mistakes people make with regards to home security and as a result, leave their home vulnerable to theft and property damage.

1. Not locking the garage doors

We are often so busy checking other aspects of our home safety systems, that it is very easy to forget one of the main access points for a burglar – the garage. Thieves can easily break in to your car to grab the remote door opener or utilize their own modified remote if you have an automatic door. Fortunately, heavy duty padlocks or automatic garage door locks which automatically lock the door once it closes, can reduce the risk of entry.

2. Not locking doors or windows

In hot weather, windows are left open and this is an invitation for the unwanted visitor to seize the opportunity. You could be in the garden or have left the house to run errands, so double checking that the windows are closed when you are not in, is really important. The same goes for doors – however, if you have a smartphone, there are smart locks you can operate whenever you leave the property.

3. Spare keys under the mat

Thieves will always check to see if there are spare keys under the doormat or flower pot, so don’t leave one there. Either give it to a trusted neighbour or invest in a key safe, if you are in the habit of forgetting or losing your keys.

4. External ladders

Storage space is difficult but leaving an unlocked ladder in the front yard is another invitation for a burglar to help themselves. If you have to store it or any other items by the garage, invest in a proper padlock or a lock alarm to protect your things.

5. Advertising your whereabouts

If you are going away on holiday, don’t advertise the fact on social media with a photo of you and the family loading up the car in front of your house.

6. Cover for the unwanted prowler

Shrubs and thick planting in the front yard are great hiding places for a would-be thief. If they are in full view i.e. good outdoor lighting, trimmed hedges and clear visibility from the road, they will think twice about attempting a break-in.

7. In the dark

Poor outside lighting will attract burglars, not moths. Having a good system of lights with motion sensors and a front porch light that stays on all the time is a great deterrent.

8. No attempt to seem as though you’re at home

If you leave curtains open and lights off in your home when you are away, then at night, it becomes very obvious. Having automatic timers for lamps and radios will give onlookers the impression you are present at home.

9. No visible security

Not having any visible form of security, from warning signs to CCTV, leaves you an easy prey to burglars. Getting effective home security in place will drastically reduce this risk.

10. Not having up to date security systems

False cameras and burglar alarms will not deter a savvy burglar. With wireless home alarm systems linked to Wi-Fi, you can monitor what is happening in your home at all times.

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