Top 5 Spots To Place A Security Camera

If you are going to spend time and money setting up a reliable office and home security system, the last thing you want to do is to place the cameras in the wrong area. In order to ensure you get the maximum benefit and coverage for your property, simply walk around the exterior and make a note of where intruders could potentially enter. Then, map out where you want to place the cameras and consider what coverage they will give you. In order to help make that important list, here are the top 5 spots to place a CCTV camera.

1. Front Door

Even though an intruder will want to conceal their identity, there are those conmen as well as burglars, who are intent on getting into the home and could do so by engaging you in conversation at the front, while their accomplice is around the back. Having a camera or wifi security camera set up, will show you who is at the door before you go to open it.

2. Driveway

Remember, it is not just the home that burglars are intent on entering. With your garages and sheds containing a lot of expensive equipment (not to mention vehicles too!), burglars will be tempted to enter through your driveway. Concealed walkways or gates are a magnet to burglars and having a camera in place will give you peace of mind.

3. Alfresco

The alfresco area at the back of a property, that is not in the line of sight of neighbours, is another key entry point for the unwanted visitor. By having a camera placed in this location, you will capture the image of anyone prowling around the vicinity.

4. Backyard/Garden

Many homes have a backyard or garden area where they keep items such as their ladders, tools, BBQs or expensive bicycles. Besides preventing entry into your home’s backyard, it is important to secure your outdoor belongings. By taking pictures of your grills and other items, you will have documentation in case you require something recovered by insurance. Placing motion sensors in your backyard area will definitely help to protect the property by day and night.

5. Sides Of The House/Laundry

Along the exterior of your house, there are multiple entry points that are high targets for break-ins. Ground floor windows and laundry entries are just some of the points where burglars may choose to enter from. Burglars are aiming to minimise their risk of being seen and these entries provide them the opportunity to sneak in to your property unknowingly. Most home owners don’t even think to secure their laundry doors. Best solution yet is to have a camera and a wireless alarm system in place so you can ensure your family’s safety and sleep soundly at night.

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