Top 7 Tips For Staying Safe When You’re Living Alone

Living by yourself has got some really great bonuses – no arguing over the remote control, complete say on the home decoration front and pretty much being able to do want you want, whenever you want. There is nothing better than getting back home at the end of the day, knowing that the place you live in is safe and secure. It gives you a peace of mind, particularly at night or in the small hours of the morning, if you live by yourself. However, there are a few hints and tips you need to know to ensure you can rest easy.

1. Make friends with the neighbours

You can both keep an eye on each other’s property when you are on holiday such as watering the plants, collecting the mail or feeding the cat so it looks like someone is in the house.

2. Do a security audit of your home

Look at possible entry routes including windows, doors and garages. If your doors are made of wood, check for any damage or weak areas. Then, make a list of any blind spots, such as bushes or overhanging paths leading to the rear of the property. Check windows for cracks or gaps where someone can use a tool to lever open the frame. When it is dark, note the areas where there is complete blackout and no visible light, even from street lamps.

3. Fit window locks and bolts to doors

Make sure you have got proper locks and bolts in areas where intruders can attempt an entry. These days, you can easily purchase glass break detectors that would go off if an intruder breaks a window for entry. This helps to deter any possible break-ins. For advice on the best types of locks to secure your property, approach your local home security firm.

4. Update and fit external lights

When it is dark especially, make sure that when getting out of the car or walking up to your front door, you have motion sensor lighting so you can see if there is anyone lurking near your home. Ensure that you check the timings on your lights so they’ll remain switched on until you are safely in the house. Other lights that are triggered by movement should be fitted in the back garden and at the side, where there are walkways running along the property.

5. House alarms

If you are constantly travelling, you may want to consider investing in a complete home security package for your house and garage. With this comprehensive range of products, you can access your alarms remotely and go about your day-to-day activities, knowing that your house is secure.


Having cameras in place will also give you a peace of mind, so invest in a wifi camera system that allows you to monitor your home when at work or away on holiday. To start off, you can purchase a bullet camera that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This helps you verify visitors and keep an eye out for any intruder that may be lurking around your house.

7. Video Intercom System

Installing a video intercom system like the Panacom 820 Surface Mount Video Intercom Kit means you can check who is at the door without opening the door and also permitting guests to come through your pedestrian gate (if you have one) without exiting your home. This allows you to stay within the safety of your home should a stranger or unwanted guest be at the front door. Nowadays there are also wireless video intercom systems which send an alert to your smart phone if someone presses your doorbell, allowing you to talk to them from your device even if you aren’t at home!

8. Lock and look

Make sure you always lock the doors and windows even when you are at home.

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