What To Do After A Home Burglary

Burglaries can cause us to worry when we hear about them in the news, so it is even more troubling if a burglary were to take place in your own home. Unfortunately, burglaries can happen to anyone, especially if potential thieves believe that your home is an easy target.

In this article, we will go through the important steps you would need to take after falling victim to a home burglary. Later on, we will also offer some helpful advice so that you can prevent your home from being burgled again in future.

Try Your Best to Stay Calm

When you first discover that you have been burgled, the very first thing you should do is remember to stay calm. The period immediately after a burglary is very crucial, so it is important that you are in the right state of mind to act appropriately. If you feel panicked or alarmed, try carrying out some breathing exercises to get your emotions under control.

Make sure to check on the other members of your household to see whether they are safe and alright. Once you have done this, you can call the police to let them know that your house has been burgled.

Do Not Touch Anything

It is best to avoid touching too many things around your home, especially those that have been visibly moved or disturbed. This is because you may compromise potential evidence by touching your own things after a burglary.

What you can do instead is to start making notes and taking photographs, as this can help with any insurance claims or investigations. Look for signs of forced entry like broken locks or windows. Try to start noting down what is missing, particularly among your items of value.

File The Necessary Reports

Making calls and reports can be stressful, but they are necessary nonetheless. When you file your police report, be as detailed as possible in order to assist with the investigation. The burglary could also be covered by home and renters’ insurance policies, so get in touch with your insurance provider to start making enquiries, too.

If you notice any bank cards missing, then you should call your bank as soon as possible to freeze your card or even account if necessary. Similarly, if you have lost electronic devices with personal information or login details on them, you should lock your accounts and change your passwords immediately.

Take Steps to Prevent it From Happening Again

Once the immediate aftermath of the burglary has been dealt with, you should look into implementing preventative measures in order to avoid it from happening again. Here are some tips that you could use.

• Consider Installing a Security System

The simple act of adding a WiFi security camera or wireless alarm system can go a long way towards making your home safer and more secure. CCTV cameras allow you to record the comings and goings around your home, as well as offer a live view of your home at all times. You should always make your purchases from reliable security system providers – after all, you would have a lot more peace of mind if you were confident you had the best home security system in Australia.

• Check All the Basics

Don’t forget to go back to basics when it comes to home security. Check your locks, doors, windows, and any other points of entry into your home. Consider whether any of them need to be replaced or even upgraded. Investing in a proper set of locks can help reduce your risk of burglary by forcible entry.

• Install Proper Lighting

Burglars love to target properties that are dark and poorly lit, with plenty of overgrown bushes for them to hide in. Prevent future burglaries by installing proper lighting outdoors and remembering to leave a light on at night. If you have dense bushes or shrubbery in your garden, consider giving it a trim or getting rid of it entirely.

• Don’t Make It Obvious You Are Away

Quite a number of burglaries occur when the owners are away from the property, either on a long vacation or just a visit out of town. Therefore, do not make it obvious when you are away on a trip or even just for work. Leave a light on and get your neighbours to pick up your mail for you. If you are away often, look into purchasing an IntelLink video intercom which allows you to talk to the person at the door remotely from your mobile phone, just as if you were at home.

Whether you have actually experienced a burglary or are just looking to brush up on your home security measures, we hope you have found this article helpful. Improving your home security and taking the necessary measures can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re prepared and safe.

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