A smart home security system encompasses several state-of-the-art features to make life more convenient and safeguard your family from harm.

From remote access to customisation and round-the-clock monitoring, these nifty interconnected systems are leagues ahead of their analogue counterparts.

In this post, we’re covering six key reasons why you should opt for a smart home security system.

Integrated Solution

The beauty of a smart home security system is its high degree of integration. While old-fashioned security devices function independently, a smart system works seamlessly as a team, allowing each unique component to interconnect and communicate.

That way, you can control numerous components from one interface. From a single control panel or mobile app, you could lock the doors, monitor cameras, and set your alarm. Many systems let you control several components simultaneously, such as a lockdown mode to lock the doors and switch on the alarm. This widespread interconnectivity makes managing your home security more convenient than ever before.

Familiar, User-Friendly Interface

The traditional pincode-activated alarm and CCTV systems were never particularly easy to use. A long-winded configuration process meant many users had to enlist professional help to get the set-up going. And even once configured, the complex user interface made them a chore to set and disengage.

Modern smart home security system manufacturers, however, have paid close attention to the rise of the touchscreen interface. In-built operating systems resemble Android and iOS, creating an already-familiar interface everyone can understand. Even technologically illiterate users will quickly learn the ropes.

Forget scrambling to remember your PIN or fumbling around in the dark. A smart home security system lets you control everything from a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Non-Stop Protection

The old-school burglar alarm only works when you remember to turn it on. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the population isn’t that meticulous with their home security regime.

But with a smart home security system, you can set the technology to turn on automatically whenever you leave home. Furthermore, the system can monitor unusual activity and send relevant alerts straight to your mobile phone. Should you realise you forgot to set the alarm, you can switch it on instantly via a mobile app.

Remote Access & Monitoring

There’s no longer any need to head back home to check on your home security setup. As a smart home security system operates through an encrypted online connection, the user gets complete control from anywhere in the world – letting you keep close tabs on your home when you’re out or away.

You can monitor any interconnected camera in real-time, perfect for checking up on the kids or whether a package has arrived. Furthermore, you can use the mobile app to control your smart home from anywhere inside the house—no need to get up off the couch to turn on the A/C.

Fewer False Alarms

Overzealous old-fashioned burglar alarms trigger with even the slightest hint of movement. Whether due to a rustling draft or the household cat, these near-constant nuisance alarms make a tremendous ruckus. Between 94% and 98% of all alarm activations are falsely triggered—and they won’t make you very popular with the neighbours.

While false alarms aren’t unheard of in a smart home security system, up-to-date technology makes them far less common. But more importantly, the homeowner receives a notification on their smartphone app and can switch them off remotely. An older alarm could sound an ear-piercing siren for hours before someone finally gets home to silence it.

Customisation & Expandability

A smart home security system lets you add and subtract components as you please. Budget-orientated consumers could start with a basic set-up, including a camera and alarm. Then, once they’ve had time to see how well the technology functions, they could add more features to build a fully comprehensive smart home system.

Popular add-ons include lights, door locks, A/C, thermostats, appliances, televisions, sound systems, and robot vacuum cleaners. An automated home makes everyday life more convenient and could save you a considerable portion of your quarterly energy bill.

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