Keep Your Home and Family Safe

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Our diverse product range includes:

Smoke Alarms:
Our fire safety systems include a large range of quality ionisation and photoelectric smoke alarms, fire blankets and auxiliary fire safety products.

Home Safety & Security:
We supply home security systems including reliable wireless alarm systems and wifi security cameras, locks and CCTV products, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm.

Audio Intercom Systems & Video Intercom Systems:
Our range of audio and video intercom systems can suit small business and residential applications.

Don’t Risk Your Safety And Your Family’s Safety With Poor Quality Products

“There were 372,400 break-ins and 295,200 attempted break-ins recorded in the *CVS, totaling 667,600 incidents for 2011-12.” – Australian Bureau of Statistics: *Crime Victimisation Survey

“In 2012 there were 3,800 house fires (in Victoria alone) resulting in the loss of 12 lives and causing property damage in excess of $97 million.” – Metropolitan Fire Brigade

These incidents, injuries and deaths could be prevented with awareness, prevention and the right home security system and fire safety system.

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If you have questions about your home security system and fire safety system, read our FAQs or contact us for more information.