CCTV Security Systems, Australia

Here in Australia, Home Safety Store is proud to provide our customers with a range of CCTV security systems for your home or business premise. Because we only source products from brands that we trust and that we would actually install in our own homes, our customers can be confident that when they buy a CCTV security system from Home Safety Store, they are getting a top quality product.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. In a CCTV security system, security cameras transmit signals to a viewing and recording device that is not open to public view. Here in Australia, CCTV security systems are an excellent and popular way for property owners to deter crime, and should anything untoward happen, CCTV security systems often provide the evidence that is needed to capture those responsible.

Here at Home Safety Store, our CCTV security systems come with a range of features and benefits to provide you with added value and convenience, including:

• Comes with pre-made cable and connectors for easy installation

• Cameras are all weatherproof and equipped with night vision capabilities

• Provides live view and recording in full HD 1080P

• Easy to follow GUI

• Reliable HDD in the form of a high quality Western Digital or Seagate model specifically designed for 24/7 security surveillance recording

• Has motion recording, which means it only records when movement is detected to save HDD space

• Has motion masking, which allows you to mask certain areas so that it does not record unnecessarily, e.g. a tree moving in the background

• Remote monitoring via app on your mobile device

• Strong customer support

When buying a CCTV security system here in Australia, remember that while the live view picture quality is important, it is the recording quality and recording frame rates that are most crucial. Some CCTV security systems boast a 1080P resolution but only for live view, and record in a lower resolution. Our CCTV security systems not only provide live viewing at 1080P resolution, but they also record in 1080P @ 15fps (real time) for maximum security benefits.

Home Safety Store takes pride in the fact that we stock only premium CCTV security systems that have been tested to ensure quality and reliability – and that our customers can buy at affordable prices. Not sure which CCTV security system will best suit your needs? For more information or to get assistance on buying the right CCTV security system for your home or business premise, simply email or contact us today.

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