Video Intercom Systems, Australia

Unlike audio intercom systems, which allow for voice only communication between two stations, video intercom systems allow an individual to both see and speak to the person at the other end.

Here in Australia, video intercom systems are commonly used in homes and business premises as a security feature, as it allows the person indoors to see who is at the door before opening it. This means you will never open your door to a stranger, intruder or even an unwelcome guest.

Some video intercom systems even have a snap shot feature, which will take a photo of whoever presses your doorbell. The property owner is then able to review this photo on the internal monitor and see who was there even after they are gone. Another feature of some video intercom systems is a gate release function, which allows you to unlatch the front door or gate using an electric door strike. Just by pressing a button on your video intercom system, you will be able to unlock your pedestrian gate so that your guest can enter – and you won’t have to go outside to do it yourself.

Other video intercom systems might also provide you with the option of adding surveillance cameras to the setup as an added security measure. The footage from these cameras can then be viewed on your internal monitor so you can see what is happening outside your property anytime without having to investigate yourself.

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