Mobile monitoring

WiFi connection

Motion detector

Easy DIY installation

Wirelessly connect up to 50 PIR sensors or reed switches for complete home coverage.  Wireless sensors are battery powered, so there are no wires to worry about! Just position and connect.

High-quality motion detection

Our PIR sensors use infrared beams to monitor your rooms and hallways.  When the system is turned on, they will monitor any movement in their field of view and notify you if anything is out of the ordinary.

Secure your doors and windows

Our reed switches keep your access points safe.  When a door is opened without your knowledge, the reed switch activates the alarm and immediately notifies you.

 Built-in siren 

A loud 105dB built-in siren alarm will alert you and your neighbours of potential intruders.

Hard-wired expansions

Connect up to 2 sensors and an internal siren with the hard-wired connection port.

Stay alert

Receive notifications when the system is armed, disarmed or triggered using our app via a Wi-fi connection of SMS using the built-in GSM module*

*SIM card required

Flexible protection

Multiple arming options (Normal, Delay, Stay, 24 Hours) allow for complete control over your level of protection.

• Cost effective wireless system for fast installation and easy programming via app or panel

• Connect to Wi-Fi and GSM for dual communication safety

• Immediate app notifications or phone call/ SMS alerts* on intrusion

• Add up to 50pcs Sensors with customisable zone names

• Loud 105dB in-built siren

• Normal/Delay/Stay/24hr zone setups

• Two way talk between panel & mobile phone*

• In-built optional hardwired zone and siren/ strobe output provided

• Secure FHSS (Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum) wireless devices

• SMS up to 3 mobile numbers, calls up to 5 mobile numbers and 2 central monitoring stations*

• Receive notifications on arming/disarming when using remotes/RFID tags

• Up to 4 Hours Battery Back-up

• iOS & Android App, Easy to Setup * feature requires SIM card (not supplied)


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